Welcome To Angel City Flyers

Long Beach, California

UPDATE: We are looking for great instructors! If interested, please forward your resume (or CV) to info@angelcityflyers.com.


At Angel City Flyers we are committed first, foremost and always to safety.

We provide a highly structured and disciplined approach to flight training. Our emphasis on training standardization, standard operating procedures and single pilot resource management produces pilots ready for operating both commercially and privately in the real world. Our commitment to customer service and pilot proficiency has allowed us to become the Diamond Aircraft factory training center for the southwest United States.

Furthermore, Diamond recognized us as one of two Diamond Brilliance Centers in America.

At Angel City Flyers we understand that flight training made enjoyable is flight training made effective.   Our instructors are with us because they enjoy their profession, are committed to safety and strive to be the best at what they do.

We chose Diamond Aircraft for their proven performance, reliability and safety. Diamond’s integration of glass cockpit technology, composite construction and turbo diesel engines has placed them at the leading edge of technological advances in general aviation.   We believe that flight training aircraft and rental aircraft should be maintained and treated to the highest possible standards.

We chose Long Beach, California, because it offers the greatest variety of conditions, geography, convenience and instrument training facilities in the United States.   Beachside airports are within a short flight of ski resort airports, and California has both the highest and lowest points in the lower 48 states.

Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards through the Diamond Factory Maintenance Facility in Long Beach.   As part of our commitment to safety, we have a strict and unwavering maintenance policy which exceeds the FAA regulatory requirements.

Through our professionalism, service and attention to detail, you can be assured that your flying proficiency is our priority.


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