About Us

At Angel City Flyers we are committed first, foremost and always to safety. We provide a highly structured, disciplined approach to flight training. Our emphasis on training standardization, standard operating procedures and single pilot resource management produces pilots ready for real-world, commercial and private operation. Our commitment to customer service and pilot proficiency earned us the designation as the Diamond Aircraft factory training center for the southwest United States, and one of only two Diamond Brilliance Centers in the country.

We believe that flight training made enjoyable is flight training made effective.  ACF instructors are with us because they enjoy their profession, are committed to safety and strive to be the best at what they do.

We chose Diamond Aircraft for their proven performance, reliability and safety. Diamond’s integration of glass cockpit technology, composite construction and turbo diesel engines places them at the leading edge of technological advances in general aviation.

Our Long Beach, California location offers the greatest variety of conditions, geography, convenience and instrument training facilities in the U.S. Beachside airports are within a short flight of ski resort airports, and California has both the highest and lowest points in the lower 48 states.

We maintain our aircraft to the highest standards through the Diamond Factory Maintenance Facility in Long Beach. Our commitment to safety and our strict, unwavering maintenance policy exceed FAA regulatory requirements.

  • Seosamh Somers
  • Armando Delgado
  • Ciara
  • David Price
  • Hannah Guajardo
  • Jeremy Chavez
  • Jim Yoder
  • Kyle Breen
  • Lauren Canfield
  • Meredith Edwards
  • Zach Ruhl

Seosamh Somers


ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Honors Degree Aerospace Engineering

In Ireland, the cheapest way to get a ride in an airplane is to promise to parachute out of the plane halfway through the flight. And so began the soaring saga of Seosamh Somers, the shilling-starved space student from…somewhere in Ireland.

Although Seosamh (pronounced SHOW-SEFF—obviously), graduated with honors in aerospace engineering from the University of Hertfordshire, he soon decided that he would rather fly planes than design them. Armed with the goal of bringing to general aviation the same professional approach, attention to detail and technological resources generally reserved only for space flight, Seosamh founded Angel City Flyers in 2003.

Seosamh holds both European and U.S. professional pilot and instructor certificates with over 8,000 hours of flight experience. When he is out of the office, he flies a Citation jet for short overland flights and small piston engine airplanes for the long transoceanic crossings (go figure)! Be warned, he is quite proud of his phonetically impossible name.

Armando Delgado

Administrative Assistant

Angel City Flyers’ go-to person on weekends, Armando Delgado staffs the front desk and stays on top of the schedule for students, instructors, and aircraft renters. As dispatch-safety administrator, Armando helps ensure the accuracy of aircraft utilization and maintenance records and is responsible for ramp and facility safety.

One of four brothers, Armando is the first in his family to attend college, currently attending Cal State Long Beach in 2017 and majoring in aerospace engineering. He plans to pursue pilot training in the future, his exposure to aviation at ACF having spurred his interest.

In his spare time, Armando can be found hanging out with family and friends, playing RPGs, or in the kitchen cooking one of his signature dishes: enchiladas, posole, and tinga.


Ciara was born on a St. Patrick’s Day. She began at Angel City Flyers when she realized she wanted a career in aviation just like her idol, Snoopy. Since she came to the office that day she has reigned supreme. As official company mascot, she receives a generous compensation package of unlimited affection and abundant hugs and pats.  Her responsibilities include teaching us all about loyalty, dependability, and the importance of jumping for joy. 

David Price

On a childhood trip from his Utah hometown to Washington, DC, David Price was more intrigued by the airplane than the iconic monuments, parks and buildings in the nation’s capital. That ride on a TWA 747 was the start of his love for traveling by air.

Sharing that enthusiasm is the best part of flight instructing for him. “I love seeing other people succeed at something I’m passionate about,” he says.

David graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In his spare time, he cooks—steak and seafood are among his specialties—takes his family to Disneyland, or sets out on camping trips to U.S. National Parks.

Whether he’s cruising along southern California’s beaches or maneuvering a steep downhill on Moab’s Slickrock Trail at sunrise or sunset, David’s favorite on-the-ground vehicle is his mountain bike.

Hannah Guajardo

Teenagers can be single-minded about any number of things, but for Hannah Guajardo, it was aviation. Whether traveling by air throughout the western U.S. or watching F18s catapult from the Navy aircraft carrier where her father worked, Hannah always envisioned her future as a pilot.

A recent graduate of California Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in aviation flight, Hannah exults when her students achieve. “When my students accomplish a new rating or perform well at a maneuver, it is always a proud moment on the job. To see what you teach result in success is what I most enjoy about flight instructing,” she says.

In her free time, Hannah snorkels in La Jolla Cove and picks the rigorous routes up Iron Mountain and Mt. Miguel, and along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

For Hannah, there’s little division between enjoyment and being on the job as a flight instructor. Her motto: “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

Jeremy Chavez

When he was growing up, Jeremy Chavez’s dad took him to air shows at Miramar, Chino, and here at KLGB. “One day my dad asked me if I wanted to take a demo flight and I did,” Jeremy says. That was it—he knew he wanted to be a pilot and went on to receive his private pilot certificate at age 17.

If you mention jetlag to Jeremy, he can chat about either long flights or Beach Fossils’ latest single. When he isn’t sharing his love of flying, Jeremy takes in indie shows and rides his Harley up and down the coast between Orange County and Santa Barbara. He also enjoys hiking and backpacking in Yosemite, scaling Half Dome and other peaks in the Sierra.

With a healthy respect for the discipline, studying and adherence to deadlines that aviation requires, Jeremy also likes to encourage his students with this reminder: “Never forget that flying is fun.”

Jim Yoder

Jim Yoder has been flying for decades and claims to take the title of oldest instructor at Angel City Flyers (he needn’t have taken it as we would gladly have given it to him). Jim decided to become a professional pilot at age 13 after writing a vocational report on the subject. To achieve this goal he earned his pilot’s license at 17 and his instructor’s license at 19. While attending San Jose State University earning a degree in aeronautics, he taught flying during the day and flew mail at night.

After college Jim became the youngest corporate pilot in the country, flying a Lear Jet at age 21. Jim said, “At the time, having a DME in the cockpit was the ultimate high-tech product.” Jim has experience as a Part 135 charter pilot, corporate pilot, mail pilot and as an instructor in tail wheels, single engine, multiengine and jets.

Jim believes a good pilot is always training. To this end, he earned his rotorcraft-helicopter rating at age 50. 

Kyle Breen

Ask Kyle Breen if he’s heard the one about the vulture who tried to board the aircraft with more than one carrion, and you might get a smile out of him even with a groaner like that. He loves puns—good ones, that is.

As a child, Kyle took the expression “heads up” literally, walking everywhere with his gaze upward, searching the sky for airplanes. When his dad took him to an airshow at age 7, that was the beginning of a dream that has become a lifelong passion. He enjoys being around others who feel the pull of aviation, whether on a demo flight, private pilot certification or commercial training. “Anytime you get to share about something you love it adds to the fulfillment,” he says.

Rumor has it that Kyle’s flight and ground lessons may include highly accurate sound effects of his own making. He will, however, neither confirm nor deny that speculation.

When he isn’t airborne, Kyle enjoys hiking and camping at Mammoth Lakes, Big Sur and all over the Sierra Nevada mountains—anything that gets him outdoors and moving.

Lauren Canfield

Administrative Assistant

As ACF’s Administrative Assistant, Lauren Canfield is charged with paying attention to crucial details—everything from scheduling to chocks to record-keeping for key inspections. She enjoys witnessing new pilots fulfill their aspirations with eagerness and passion. “It’s wonderful to see them achieve their goals,” she says. Among those she helps shepherd through the process is a family member—her teenage cousin who is one of ACF’s youngest students.

Before relocating to southern California, Lauren lived in some of the Golden State’s most bucolic spots, and says she retains certain small-town traits of community, openness, and candor. The mother of a 4-year old daughter and 18-month old twins, Lauren is also a gourmet cook, yogini, and freelance makeup artist. She likes to apply aspects of her outside interests to her role at ACF: creativity, energy, and flexibility.

Meredith Edwards

Administrative Staff

Long Beach native Meredith Edwards started her Angel City Flyers career at a party.  She was working at the time in a local gastropub where ACF held its holiday gathering that year. She said she immediately observed that ACF was an intriguing company with a “refreshing, dynamic, and intercultural staff.” After she finished her communication degree at Cal State Long Beach, she got in touch with ACF and started as an administrative assistant, since moving into her current position of client services administrator. A competitive athlete in her last year of law school, Meredith juggles her ACF position with her place in a women’s soccer league and her prodigious academic load.

Zach Ruhl

Zach Ruhl grew up in Wrightwood, with the San Gabriel mountain community as his virtual backyard. That’s where his enthusiasm for camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and cycling was born – and his love of flying. The Rialto Airport, where Zach started flying at age 16 and received his private pilot certificate at 17, was practically next door.

Teaching students how to fly brings variety and rewards that Zach appreciates every day. “It’s never the same day twice,” he says. He especially enjoys helping students through the challenges of flight training, and watching them get to the next level. “I like making a positive impact on a student’s safety.”

His career in aviation took him to the East Coast for a time, but Southern California’s weather and year-round flying opportunities lured him back. While the stint in the New York metropolitan area was fun, it couldn’t compare to life in the southland.

Zach holds a history degree from San Diego State University. An avid follower of international news, finance, and business, Zach moves easily between conversations about aviation and world affairs.