Seosamh Somers

Seosamh Somers, Owner

In Ireland, the cheapest way to get a ride in an airplane is to promise to parachute out of the plane halfway through the flight. And so began the soaring saga of Seosamh Somers, the shilling-starved space student from…somewhere in Ireland.

Although Seosamh (pronounced SHOW-SEFF—obviously), graduated with honors in aerospace engineering from the University of Hertfordshire, he soon decided that he would rather fly planes than design them. Armed with the goal of bringing to general aviation the same professional approach, attention to detail and technological resources generally reserved only for space flight, Seosamh founded Angel City Flyers in 2003 and four additional companies under the Aero City Group Inc. net to date.

Seosamh holds both European and U.S. professional pilot and instructor certificates with over 8,000 hours of flight experience. When he is out of the office, he flies a Citation jet for short overland flights and small piston engine airplanes for the long transoceanic crossings (go figure)! Be warned, he is quite proud of his phonetically impossible name.