Bali to Broome: Over the Indian Ocean

A longtime ACF flyer and friend has established his own DA 42 adventure in exotic destinations Down Under, in Bali and elsewhere. Where do you long to go? Let ACF help you make that dream a reality.

Angel City Flyers President Seosamh Somers and his wife Julie recently helped transport Frankie, a 5-year-old Siamese cat, part of the way toward his destination.

Angel City Flyers hosted Brittney Miculka and the Redbird team when they stopped by on their Winging It tour recently.

ACF was pleased to be part of the Diamond Southwest Demonstration tour, featuring the DA40NG, the DA42-VI, and the luxury DA62.  How many does the DA62 hold?  Have a look

Angel City Flyers staff joined more than 7,800 attendees at the Biennial Big Bear Air Fair on August 15. Big Bear Pilots Association President Jack Williams issued the generous invitation to attend. Fairgoers ranged from children aspiring to a career in aviation to pilots with thousands of hours looking to own their own aircraft. Angel City Flyers VP Erick Bryant shared his knowledge of the Diamond composite material and the recently tested DA40 wing capacity, which withstands 40 G's. A great day in the crisp mountain air.

Renting a Jet Options

Companies such as Angel City Flyers of Long Beach, California, rent jets as part of their focus on flight training. Company president Seosamh Somers told us that it put the first of three Cessna Citation Mustangs on line three years ago. Initially, the jets were to be used for type-rating training, but increasingly, customers desired to rent the airplanes after they had obtained a type rating.