Angel City Flyers' Citation Mustang Courses

[caption id="attachment_2053" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Click to Enlarge Image"][/caption] About a year ago, Angel City Flyers became interested in the Citation Mustang. Its heritage promised docile handling and easy landing characteristics while retaining  jet performance. Another particularly intriguing feature was the cockpit which is very similar to the DA42. It is built around a Garmin G1000 and GFC700 autopilot with Synthetic Vision, TAWS terrain awareness and TAS traffic awareness system. The engines are FADEC controlled so have push-button start and one lever per side featuring full-power full-forward operation, leaving the job of engine management to the computer. Anyone comfortable with the DA42, especially the NG, will feel right at home in the cockpit of the Citation Mustang. So we flew it and got hooked. We started quietly talking about it with our current clients and found an interest. Within the past year a couple of clients earned their Second-In-Command ratings as an introduction to flying jets without needing to prepare for a checkride. Others have chosen to go all the way by earning their Single-Pilot Type rating and one has opted to earn the Single-Pilot Type by earning the SIC then Multi-Crew Type along the way. The best part is they all had a great time in the process! So, to make it formal, Angel City Flyers is offering Citation Mustang type rating courses. We have published a Second-in-Command course and a Multi-Crew then Single Pilot Type Rating course! Please take a look under the courses section of the web site for descriptions and send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have other questions. See you soon!