Tony Sets Full Power on Mustang Training

[caption id="attachment_2067" align="alignnone" width="224" caption="Click to Enlarge Image"][/caption] Congratulations to Tony Chang on earning his Pilot In Command Multi Crew then PIC Single Pilot in the Citation Mustang! Tony has been diligent in working towards the Pilot in Command - Single Pilot rating in the CE510 and has achieved his goal. His first step was earning the Pilot In Command - Multi Crew which allowed him to act as PIC of a Citation Mustang with a co-pilot. He then jumped back into the DA42NG to practice acting as Pilot in Command - Single Pilot utilizing the NG's equipment which has the G1000 & GFC700 avionics package and a remarkably similar cockpit. Once feeling comfortable performing each task of flight as though he were solo, he was ready for his checkride. It was a cloudy day the morning of his checkride, which in the Mustang is little more than perhaps a delay. The skies cleared, though, and Tony flew well. So congratulations to both Tony and his instructor Jim Yoder, for a job well done! Great flying Tony!