Jonathan Earns his Multi Engine Rating

[caption id="attachment_2097" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Click to Enlarge Image"][/caption] Congratulations to Jonathan Lewin on completing his Private Pilot Multi-Engine Land add-on rating! Jonathan came to us in November (I know, I know, I'm catching up) from New York where, among other things, the weather was conspiring against his efforts. Jonathan opted for a four day course with Angel City and completed a lot of training in that time. As Murphy would have forecast, the weather was once again an issue with clouds threatening to ground him on the day of his checkride. Jonathan remained calm and flexible, watching the skies until he caught a break and they launched into blue-ish sky amidst scattered clouds. When he taxied back in, Jonathan had a big smile and a new certificate in his hand. Well done, Jonathan! See you for your Commercial!