Dwayne Earns his IRA in a DA42

[caption id="attachment_2122" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Click to Enlarge Image"][/caption] Congratulations to Dwayne Robinson on completing his second rating in a Diamond DA42 Twin Star! Dwayne earned his Private Pilot add-on in the twin so as to 1) earn PIC time while training for other ratings and 2) to have fun. His next goal was to complete the Instrument Rating and he completed the first part in the DA40 and the second in the DA42. Dwayne chose to fly the twin for his Instrument Rating checkride which added the IRA rating to both his single-engine and multi-engine airplane privileges. Now it's time to start the Commercial Rating and he's enjoyed a couple of long flights which also fulfill experience requirements for the certificate. And yes, he's still having fun. Well done, Dwayne!