A Multi-National Approach to Solving Impending Global Pilot Shortage

[caption id="attachment_2272" align="alignnone" width="300"] Click to Enlarge Photo[/caption] Reports have speckled the international news media over the past year warning of a global pilot shortage. The trouble is in aviation supply and demand seldom coincide. When a shortage is predicted the system starts building the numbers of commercial pilots but by the time they knock on an airline's door ready for a seat upfront they find those seats full or no longer there. The trick then is be ready before the apex of the job market, and a bold new plan whispers promise of just that. Recently an English family met with an Irishman and his Scottish wife in America and an idea blossomed. Mark and Sophie Fitzgerald met with Seosamh and Julie Somers here in Long Beach and introduced the newest aviator in the family: Lara. As you can see from the shirt she wore and the contraption alongside the DA42 behind her, she was ready to fly. After a quick briefing from her predecessor about the duties and responsibilities of her new posting, she was off with Mom & Dad to explore the West Coast. Congratulations, Lara! We wish you the best of luck!