Justin Earns an Instrument Rating

[caption id="attachment_2411" align="alignnone" width="300"] Click to Enlarge Image[/caption] Congratulations to Justin Toner on earning an Instrument Rating in a Diamond Star DA-40! Almost two years ago, Justin earned his Private Pilot certificate and always had an eye towards completing the Instrument Rating. He took his time and logged the required Pilot in Command hours by completing cross country flights both on the terminal chart by visiting French Valley, Camarillo and northern San Diego airports as well as flying well off the sectional chart to Trukee and Santa Rosa. When the time came to complete the requirements, Justin chose an ambitious route: a 9 day intensive course. In preparation, Justin completed the knowledge test and was diligent in his reading. He was virtually a resident at the hangar during the nine days logging time flying approaches in the simulator, flying in the DA-40, working through ground school and studying for the practical. Once the fundamental flying skills were honed, Justin completed the requirements in the IFR system practicing departure procedures, en route, arrivals and approaches, always looking froward to the next challenge. The day arrived for the check ride and Justin was ready. He flew well (despite a very warm day!) and earned the Instrument Rating. Congratulations again, Justin! Very well done!