Lockheed Martin's Web Access Portal Up and Running

  [caption id="attachment_2439" align="alignnone" width="300"] Click to visit AFSS.com[/caption] See what the weather briefer sees using the Automated Flight Service Station Web Portal! Just launched this week, the Lockheed-Martin Flight Service Station web portal allows users to follow along with the briefer or access various weather products without using search functions or a third-party vendor. Pilots can file flight plans directly with the FSS and one feature hints that filed plans may be amended rather than needing to refile anew. Once a flight plan has been filed, pilots can request email notifications of new adverse condition reports along their route. The web portal can be accessed at https://www.afss.com and registration is quick and free. While this service may not immediately replace legacy briefing services, its collection of weather products and NOTAM organization are unique and well worth the time to explore. AFSS.com promises to be a worthy 1st or 2nd stop when planning a trip.