Jeff Meyer's Earned his Private Pilot Certificate!

[caption id="attachment_2576" align="alignnone" width="225"] Big Smiles on Jeff (left) and Reed the DPE (right)[/caption] Congratulations to Jeff Meyer on completing the Private Pilot Rating in a Diamond DA40! Jeff came to us a few months ago explaining that he had been flying years ago but had to stop because life got in the way of his fun. He was ready to pick it up again and was anxious to get started. He wanted to learn the glass and learn the DA40  but take his time and do it right. Before long, though, Jeff was ready for the practical test. It was December then and a cold front postponed his first date then a flu bug moved the next. On a cold day in January, the sun shone brightly and he was ready. We wiped the frost from the wings (Frost? Really?) and when they dried he launched and passed the checkride with flying colors. Congratulations, Jeff! Great flying!