James Solos on his 16th Birthday!

[caption id="attachment_2607" align="alignnone" width="300"]Click to enlarge image Click to enlarge image[/caption] Congratulations to James Lawton Yoder on flying solo on his 16th birthday! James came to us over the summer with the goal of flying solo on the first day he was eligible. He had logged quite a bit of time flying with his father, Jim, who is part of our Citation Mustang instructor team. (James is the only pilot I know who had a logbook column labeled "Jet" before he earned his private pilot certificate!) Six months seemed a long way off when we started but the months flew past quickly. James was an avid student and quickly began developing the skills to act as PIC. January arrived and we knew he was on track, needing just a bit of polish to be ready. The day came and conditions were perfect. A light breeze and high clouds made it an ideal day for James so off he went. The patterns were picture perfect and without the extra weight of his instructor  the landing were the best he had made thus far. Not one to rest for too long, James is back on the schedule to continue with his training. He may prove to be the first student we've had complete the combined course for private and instrument certificates, and may perhaps have two checkrides on his 17th birthday. Well done, James! Great flying!