Survey on Aircrew Perceptions on Training

High Flyers! One of our alum has asked for a bit of help with his dissertation. He is compiling statistics about aircrew feelings on initial training and flight schools; something we all have an opinion on! From Michael: "Fellow pilots and friends,  I am currently putting together a dissertation about pilots' perceptions on the quality and adequacy of their initial flight training. To help with gathering some of the required data, I have drafted a short questionnaire and would like to get as many respondents (pilots) as possible to participate.  There is a web link at the bottom of this email for accessing the questionnaire, which is composed of multiple choice questions and should only take a few minutes to complete. Any assistance you can render in this regard, would be most appreciated. Perhaps after taking part in the questionnaire you could forward the link to those of your connections who happen to be pilots as well.  Thanking you in anticipation.  Regards,  Michael Banana" So please take a couple of minutes, follow the link to complete the survey and help improve the flight training community! Here is the web link for accessing the questionnaire;