The DA50 is back... as a Turboprop!

aero2013_da50-turbine_large Well, it's finally happened; you'll need a high performance endorsement to fly a Diamond (yea!). At Friedrichschafen air show which opened a couple of days ago, Diamond announced a 450 hp turbine engine mounted to the DA50 frame! What a sight it is, especially with the 5 bladed prop, which we fervently hope they'll keep. Read more about it on AvWeb and below is a clip from their announcement. "Diamond CEO Christian Dries gave a quick tour of the DA50 Turbine, a beefy looking single turboprop that capitalizes on the fuselage design used first in a piston version proposed a few years ago and now finding application in the DA52 diesel twin. The DA50, which Dries says hasn't flown yet and is just entering the proof of concept phase, is powered by a 450-HP AI-450S turboshaft engine built by the Ukrainian company Motor Sich JSC. When the Soviet Union still existed, Motor Sich built engines for the prodigious Mil line of military helicopters and the An-124 commercial transport. Dries said the company has entered into an agreement to develop markets for western application of the engines and that the initial focus, if the project comes together, will be a heavy hauling aircraft for unimproved airports in Russia. Dries said a mid-altitude high-speed cruiser version might be pitched to western buyers, with cruise altitudes typically in the high teens. The aircraft would not be pressurized."