Private Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot Certificate

At Angel City Flyers, you’ll train for your private pilot certificate in a state-of-the-art DA40 Diamond aircraft (Diamond Star).

Instrument rating Training Course (IFR)

Instrument Rating

During the instrument rating, we teach you to make the best of the technology available in the aircraft without becoming dependent on it.

Multiengine rating course

Multiengine Rating

Our emphasis on single pilot resource management and scenario-based training ensures you are prepared to operate safely and confidently in a multiengine aircraft....

Commercial certificate

Commercial Certificate

The course includes attaining a multiengine rating, commercial certificate and complex endorsement in one packaged solution.

Airline transport pilot certification

Airline Transport Pilot

The ATP certificate is required to fly as pilot in command (PIC) in certain transport category operations.

Ab-initio to commercial certificate course

Ab Initio to Commercial Certificate

Angel City Flyers offers a unique course tailored to those who wish to pursue a career in corporate aviation or the airline industry.

Flight instructor courses

Flight Instructor Courses

Are you interested in earning a CFI, CFII or MEI flight instructor rating?

“I had a great time with Angel City Flyers. For me the best part was how convenient [the training] was and how hands-on. From my perspective, it’s like an advanced, graduate-level course for people who already have their initial flight safety certification. With one-on-one instruction, you can really focus on specifics. And flying in your own area in the real thing—in the aircraft along with the simulator—is what you’re going to do in real life. Overall, it was a great experience.  I would highly recommend the training.”