The Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate is required to fly as pilot in command (PIC) in certain transport category operations. And, attaining the ATP demonstrates that you have mastered a level of flying accuracy and skill commensurate with an experienced professional pilot.

At Angel City Flyers, your flight training for the Airline Transport Pilot rating is conducted in a state-of-the art Diamond DA42 Twin. Our experienced flight instructors guide you through understanding the aircraft systems and developing your piloting skills to a level above what is necessary for the ATP practical test standards.

Our FAA-approved Flight Training Device allows you access to the type of flight training equipment normally reserved for airline and corporate pilots. You receive effective, efficient, and in-depth flight training.

The Airline Transport Pilot check ride is a similar format to that of a type rating. The Diamond DA42 Twin's innovative technology makes it very similar to a jet’s system architecture and operation.